My projects


SequenceM is my open-source package for dealing with sequences easily. You can find the documentation here and the npm here


Decentrizoom was created at hths.hacks(). It is an entirely decentrilized video conferencing system. It directly connects two users without the use of a server. You can use it for free here. To use it, first select a media type, your options are webcam, screenshare, and chat. The generate a host key, find a friend and give them the host key. They should then input the host key and click the 2 arrows. A friend key will be generated and automatically copied to your friend's clipboard. Input the friend key and click the user button. A webRTC connection will be established and you can chat with your friend as long as you want.
We aren't responsible for anything that happens to you while using this. We don't have control of the stream and the data doesn't even pass through our servers.

The github is here. Check out my teammate's website.

Discord Integrated Development Enviroment

DIDE was created at DistanceHacks. It was developed by me and it won the "best use of mongoDB" prize. You can find a demo video here

You can find the github here. The code is open source.

Folder Encryptor

This encryption program was developed at Hamilton Hacks. All the JavaScript code is my work, the html was a group effort involving my friends Isabel Noguera, Kailynn Guthaus, and Chris Carpin.


Installation can be quite tricky, since we haven't made a official release yet. We have not tested it on apple devices, so it is unlikely to work on them.

First, install node.js at, secondly visit the website here and press the green "Clone or download" button. Select download as zip. Extract the zip file and open the folder. Double click on the file name ready.bat, this will setup the dependencies. Finally, double click on run.bat to run the program. Drag and drop folders into the window and encrypt them with your own key, or a randomly generated key.

Expect more projects soon