Website Development and Server Administration

Completely managed website development and hosting

I create professional websites that your clients can trust.


I will develop professional web pages that respond to all device screen sizes. These sites will be optimized for search engines, so your website can be found when your customers are looking.

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Domain Acquisition

I will purchase your new domain and set everything up for you. Domain renewals are covered in the monthly charge


I use reliable servers to keep your website online. I will of course, configure and maintain these for you. I always use HTTPS

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My custom website development

How I develop:

JQuery + JavaScript

I use JQuery and JavaScript to achieve advanced functionality in my websites.


With Bootstrap, my websites are responsive to all device sizes. They will function well on phones, tablets, computers, and even TVs


Search engine optimization is very important. Your website should come up when searched. I use various techniques to optimize your website's rating.


If your website needs to be edited, I can always be counted on. Clients can login and send me messages. These messages will display as alerts on my phone, so I can help as soon as possible. Using my own hosting program, these updates take effect with very low downtime. Downtime during updates is often under 1 second, and in some cases, updates are nearly instant.

Server-side programming

I can create servers with advanced functions such as logins, automated emails, user databases, and so much more.

Security Practices

I write secure code to keep hackers at bay. My servers are protected by firewalls to ignore unwanted requests. I hash all passwords. Even if a data-breach occurs, no passwords will be uncovered. I always use https connections for my websites.


I use servers located in New York data centers. They have very high uptime and are fast. I use various security practices on my servers to keep them working properly. They are all protected by firewalls and no website is running with advanced permissions. I use my own private ssh-rsa key to secure these servers. These servers have backup generators and batteries to ensure your website stays online. I either host websites on their own server or on a server hosting multiple websites. The servers hosting multiple websites are significantly more powerful, but they share computational resources. I will help you figure out which plan is right for you.